Height: 176cm Hair: Brown Weight: 75kg/165lbs Eyes: Hazel
B91 W78 H99 HA58 NE39 SH43 SL60 IN85/81

Bilingual: English & Japanese

Actor, Emcee, On-Air Commentator and radio DJ, Spokesperson and Host.

BSS Communication, focus on Media Relations, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan.

Professional voice and dramatic training and many workshops, North America and Japan.

Pre-2nd Degree black belt in Kendo (Japanese sword fighting).

Skilled screen martial artist, skier, snowboarder, outdoor sports.

While well aware of how cliche it sounds, Avery is trying to change the world for the better through acting & media interaction.

Aside from Avery’s passionate devotion to acting and the silver screen, he is an accredited U.N. volunteer & project planner; which stems from his interest in developing a peaceful multicultural international environment where everyone can have, and eventually no one be without.

Avery also has a (some what struggling) music career which has spawned three bands and a short lived solo career, towel turned in for the full pursuit of acting; but the towel could always come off the rack for the right reasons. He still how ever consults for record companies and works part time booking acts both abroad and at home.

Bilingual in Japanese having finished both High School and University in Japan.

Won first place in both the Asia Pacific Song Competition, as well as the Kyuushuu Island Song Competitions in 2003, and placed second place in the Kyuush

uu Island Song Competition in 2004.