The Onsen (2011) Iwanami Takeo (Supporting lead) – Haruka Orth

How to Boil a Frog (2010) Actor – Fools Bay Ent. Ltd./Jon Cooksey/Anthony Atkins

Dear Friends (2007) The DJ (Principal) – Touei Pictures Ltd.

The #1 Cleanest Water (Ichiban Kirei na Mizu) (2006) Factory Foreman / Friend (Principal) – Amuse-soft Entertainment

The World Sinks Except Japan (2006) … aka “Nihon igai zenbu chinbotsu” – Japan (original title) Bar gangster/various principal roles – Klock Worx Company, The (2006) Tornado Film (2006)

The Grudge 2 (2006) Student #2 (uncredited) – TOHO / Columbia Pictures Corporation / Warner Bros. Entertainment


ONEGAI Ranking (2010) Principal, scenario advertising skit comedy – TV ASAHI

Kokoriko Gu-tan Miracle Nouveau Type (Kokorikogu-tanmirakurunu-botaipu) (2006) Lead/Guest – Fuji TV

King of Comedy – Two Hour Special (Warai no Kin Medaru 2HSP) (2006) Personality – TV Asahi

The Road to Tokoro Hideo – Double Booking Will Go (Tokoro Hideo he no Michi – Dabburu Bukkingu ga iku) (2006) As Himself (Lead) Tokoro Hideo’s Personal promotional page and program (WEB&TV)

Things A Mother From Hell Does (Haha Taru Koto Ha Jigoku) (2006) Principal – Nippon TV

Shining Naivet̩ (Jyunjyou Kirari) (2006) Principal РNHK

Garden of Falsehood (Ituwari no Hanazono) (2006) Principal – Tokai TV

Love Collection (Rabu Kore) (2006) Principal Gyao Network

Billionaire Detective, Deluxe (Fu-Goh-Keiji, Deluxe) (2006) Principal – TV Asahi

Kiseki Taiken: UNBELIEVEABLE Miraculous Experiences (2006) Recurring Principal/Lead – Fuji TV

Labyrinth Museum: DALI (Meikaku no Bijyutukan) (2006) Salvador Dali/Lead – NHK

Stairway to Heaven (Tengoku he no Kaigan) (2006) Background – Fuji TV (Korean Drama)

Absolute Home-Town-Ism (Zettai Furusato Shuugi) (2004) Announcer/Personality – NHK

3 Minute Talking (San Pun To-kingu) (2003/2004) Lead / HOST – Beppu Cable Television

Very Talking (Beri- To-kingu) (2003/2004) Lead / HOST – Beppu Cable Television

TBS 55th anniversary “First Tears” four hour special (BS KAI KYOKU 55 shunen “Namida sousou” 4jikan supesharu) (2006) WW2 Soldier (Featured) -TBS

Japan’s Favorite 100 Important People, Beautiful Women Collection (Nipponjin Ga Suki Na Hyakunin No Ijin, Bijyoushu) (2006) Recurring – Nippon TV

Japan’s Favorite 100 Important People (Nipponjin ga suki hyakunin no ijin) (2006) Recurring – Nippon TV

Golden Mr. A, Silver Mr. A (Kin no A-sama, Gin no A-sama) (2006) Recurring / Reccurring principal – Nippon TV

SMAP Station (2002-2006) Series Regular / reccuring TV Asahi

Salt Spring Island Public Television (1995-1998) TV host & On air commentator


ONEGAI Ranking (2010) Principal, scenario advertising skit comedy – TV ASAHI ( spot)

MIDAS, CHASE (2008-2010 Canada National) Principal, SOC MIDAS

Human Target teaser (2009) Actor SOC FOX


HONDA motors (2006-7) Principal Honda Motor Co., Ltd

BMW Promotional Video (2006-7) Driver/Lead SOC BMW

Sapporo Beer Draft-One Campaign CM (2006-7) Prince’s gaurd/featured actor SAPPORO BREWERIES LTD.

Takeda Sekizai Commercials 1&2 (2003-5) American Guy/Lead Oita Production Network

VRX hardware, Xbox Commercial (2004) Player/ Principal SOC VRX Canada


This is Multi-Culturalism (2002) Actor/Dancer K. Fukuyama

The Insanity of Mary Gerard (2000) Supporting Lead & Singer S. Pittman


MATSUYA Ginza Italian Festival (2006) EventStaff & Model Matsuya

HONDA 2007 Limited Calendar (2007) Mountain Biker/Model Honda Motor Co., Ltd

Takashimaya Festival Fall/Summer 2005 Yukata Festival (2005) Model Takashimaya

Virginia Slims DUO 2005 Campaign (2005) Model Philip Morris International

Sendai International Hotel Wedding Show & Grand Opening (2005) Wedding Model Sendai International Hotel


Rock in Tomisato 2005 Summer/ 2005 Winter (2005) Master of Ceremonies & Vocalist Tomisato Board

Beppu VS Asia Rock Fest’04 (2004) Master of Ceremonies Beppu-Asia Committee

Beppu-International Friendship Park (2003) Master of Ceremonies / Organizor United Nations

Voice Over

Tokyo Characters Battle (2005-2007) Live event narration Tokyo Characters battle organization

Night Watch: DVD extra selection & Web Drama (Night Watch (Naito Uocchi) DVD Tokubanbangumi & Web Drama) (2006) Voices of light and darkness Fox Entertainment

NINTENDO DS Eigo Zuke TV CM Rock vocalist Narration Nintendo
Exciting Dragon Fly TV (Wakuwaku Tombo Terebi) (2003-2004) Voiceover Beppu Cable Television

Salt Spring Island Public Television (1995-1998) Voiceover & Narration Salt Spring Island TV Ltd.

Seductio (1986) Voice of boy in woods Les Productions Chbib Ltee., Montreal


HONDA motors web and pamphlet advertisements (2006-7) Model Honda Motor Co., Ltd

Video Games

Lineage II Shibuya Promotion (2006) Warrior Knight/Model NC Soft Japan


HONDA motors web and pamphlet advertisements (2006-7) Model Honda Motor Co., Ltd


Crazy Ken Band, Amanogawa (2006) Party guy/Principal – Double Joy Records

Hamasaki Ayumi, Beautiful Fighter (2006) Model / Customer – Avex

Performer Skills

Performance Skills: Firearms, Disc Jockey, Dancing, Improvisation, Comedian, Singing, Japanese Language, Voiceover, Host, Ear Prompter, Martial Arts

Athletic Skills: Japanese Kendo sword Fighting, 2nd black belt , Snow Skiing, Martial Arts, Snowboarding

Accents: Asian, American, Japanese, Canadian, Italian, French

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English

Dance: Hip Hop, Club/Freestyle, Disco, Ballroom, Swing


The Actors Foundry, Vancouver BC, Acting, intensive, Matthew Harrison, Jeb Beach, 2009
2009-2010 Marc Baur, Vancouver BC, Audtion, delivery, acting, Marc Baur & friends, 2008
2008-present ongoing workshops and weeklies featuring Marc Baur & a wide cast of the busiest CDs and directors in the West. Including but not limited to multiples with Stuart Aikins, Sean Cossey, Candice Elzinga, Michelle Allen and Jackie Lind.
Carol Kelsay, Vancouver BC, Audition intensive, Carol Kelsay, 2009
Month long auditioning intensive with one of the West Coast’s busiest CDs
The Actor’s Foundry, Vancouver, BC, intensive auditioning & scene study, Lisa Beach, 2009
World renown CD Lisa Beach coached me one on one for a variety of scenes.
Shae Hampton, Vancouver BC, Auditioning, character development, Shae Hampton, 2004
2004-2007 intense character development & acting instruction
Kathleen Widdows, vancouver BC, Commercial acting intensive, Kathleen Widdows, 2009

Employment Details

Work History: Theater, Translator, Internet, Voice Over, Television, Industrial, Radio, Film, Commercial, Music Video

Job Categories: Editing, Producing, Directing, Production, Acting, Writing

Authorized to work in United States: Yes

Primary Citizenship: Canada

Valid Passport: Yes

Prior Job Title 1: Actor

Prior Job Title 2: TV Personality

Prior Job Title 3: Host